Yellowknife Local Food Strategy


PROJECT LEAD: Andrew Spring (Laurier)
PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS: Alison Blay-Palmer (Laurier)

Craig Scott (Ecology North)

Yellowknife Farmers Market

Yellowknife Food Charter Coalition

Peter Andree (Carleton University)

Carla Johnston (Carlton University)


PROJECT LOCATION: Yellowknife, N’dilǫ

Since 2016, Laurier has been supporting the Yellowknife Food Charter Coalition and other local partners to make the case for a local food strategy with the City of Yellowknife using a food systems approach. A food systems approach reflects the awareness of how actions by one group in the system affects other groups throughout the food cycle as well as understanding the social, cultural, economic, and environmental consequences of food related activities. This engagement has included working with the Food Charter Coalition to establish their research needs relating to policy gaps and barriers and presenting this work to the Yellowknife City Council. Supporting the development of a local food strategy is important as it brings multiple food system actors together, including government decision-makers, to collaborate and create integrated solutions around the issues of food insecurity and diet related diseases. This initiative has also engaged Laurier researchers in planning and implementing other food-related initiatives across the City, including the popular Fall Harvest Fair.


·      Yellowknife Food Charter is a community-led initiative. We provide capacity and support for community partners to advance food policy development and partnerships in Yellowknife

·      Outreach and workshops to strengthen food-related network in Yellowknife and support the food charter initiative

·      Helped to coordinate the annual Fall Harvest Fair, in collaboration with Ecology North and Yellowknives Dene First Nation. The Fall Harvest Fair is an opportunity for Yellowknife gardeners and harvesters to share in the bounty of the harvest season.