Mine Source Pollution from Dust and Diesel Combustion Byproducts and Potential Impacts on Barren Ground Caribou

PROJECT LEAD: Jennifer Hickman (Laurier)

Michael English (Laurier)


Mining activities, in the Northwest Territories have become an increasing source of dust deposition onto the surrounding landscape. Tundra and boreal ecosystems are considered to be sensitive to anthropogenic perturbations and depending upon the nature of the disturbance, ecosystem response may lag behind the initial disturbance by many years (Walker & Everett, 1987). Dust is a perennial problem associated with mining activities (Farmer, 1993), and is generated by associated roads, blasting activity in open pit mines, tailings deposits exposed to wind and aircraft activity (fixed wing and helicopter). For this study the impacts of dust on vegetation are extracted from literature both unrelated and directly pertinent to mining activities.