Hydrological Implications of Changes in Climate, Snow, Vegetation, and Permafrost


PROJECT LEAD: Philip Marsh (Laurier)
PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS: Jennifer Baltzer (Laurier), Oliver Sonnentag (Université de Montréal), Aaron Berg (University of Guelph),

Richard Kelly, Chris Derksen, Julia Boike.

PROJECT LOCATION: Inuvik, Trail Valley/Havikpak Creek Watersheds.

The Canadian Arctic is undergoing rapid changes in climate and it is expected that the climate will continue to warm in the coming decades. One of the many resulting changes is expansion of shrubs across the Arctic tundra, with related changes on the snow cover, permafrost and hydrology. However, these changes are poorly understood even though changes in snow cover, lake levels and stream flow, will impact many aspects of society. This project will address these issues by carrying out observations and analysis required to improve our understanding of arctic hydrology; test and improve hydrologic models for use in the arctic, and develop an improved understanding of the integrated impact of changing climate, vegetation and permafrost on the hydrology of the Canadian Arctic.


Numerous community presentations at the Western Arctic Research Centre, Aurora Research Institute, Inuvik, and meetings with students at the East Three Secondary School, Inuvik.