Dehcho K’ehodi Needs and Assets Inventory

PROJECT LEAD: Alex Latta (Laurier)
PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS: Robyn McLeod (Dahti Tsetso)

The Dehcho K’ehodi Community Assets and Needs Inventory aimed to identify community readiness to participate in land and water stewardship programming as part of the Dehcho K’ehodi network. The inventory built on existing work that had taken place in the communities of the Dehcho region, like the Dehcho Land Use Planning process and community-level traditional knowledge inventories. Its objectives were as follows:

1.     To involve community representatives in a dialogue about their stewardship aspirations in relation to the Dehcho K’ehodi initiative.

2.     To work with community representatives to generate shared knowledge about the assets that shape their existing capacity to engage in land and water stewardship, and about the additional supports or resources they need to help build greater capacity.

3.     To make the results of the study available to each community, and to the Dehcho First Nations (DFN), in a form that will facilitate further progress towards the mission and goals of Dehcho K’ehodi.

The final study results were presented to the Dehcho Assembly in June, 2017. Those results set the stage for community-level strategic planning processes to consolidate and further build upon stewardship activities being undertaken by each community. Overall, the research contributed to the aspirations of Dehcho First Nations to raise awareness, identify resources and build capacity towards a coordinated approach to land and water stewardship based on Dene values, laws and ways of life.


A community-based research assistant carried out interviews and small focus groups in nine DFN communities.