Current and ongoing research projects.

1. Terrestrial monitoring plot network – linking ecology, hydrology and Biogeochemistry

2. Impact of permafrost thaw on vegetation transition and community composition

3. Water use in trees

4. Quantifying permafrost dynamics via dendrochronology

5. Biological feedbacks to permafrost thaw

6. Ecosystem response to permafrost thaw: changes to aqueous C cycling.

7. Permafrost thaw effects on stream flow in the lower Liard Valley, NWT

8. Permafrost thaw modeling and prediction in the Taiga  Plains,  NWT

9. Remote sensing of landscape change in the Taiga Plains, NWT

10. Developing remote sensing tools for carbon and soil moisture in the Taiga Plains

11. Runoff pathways in discontinuous permafrost

12. Impact of seismic exploration on ground thaw and drainage

13. Influence of permafrost thaw on mercury and heavy metal export in the lower Liard Valley, NWT

14. Influence of changing active-layer thickness on PERmafrost Peat Land trace gas Exchanges and carbon balance (PERPLEX)

15. A survey of mycorrhizal fungi on discontinuous permafrost habitats in the Taiga Plains of the Northwest Territories

16. Investigating the cumulative effects of environmental change and human activity on the Tathlina watershed; sub-activity  fish health

17. Development of site specific toxicity estimates for the impact of rare earth Elements to northern aquatic species

18. NWT Community Perspective on Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Performance Through an Examination of Ecosystem Parameters