The Government of Northwest Territories and Wilfrid Laurier University Partnership has provided for field and lab equipment to be based in the NWT for shared use among collaborators.The following links provide information on the current and anticipated location and use of each piece of field and laboratory equipment. If you are engaged in research within the Partnership and would like to book equipment use, please check its availability by following the links below. For questions, or to book an item for use, please contact Bruce Hanna: [email protected]

Vehicles and accessories

pick-up truck

snowmachine one

snowmachine two

snowmachine trailer

boat and trailer

Field research equipment

To see the inventory list of field research equipment, please click here.

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment will soon be set up in a laboratory in Yellowknife and available to support partnership research. The following pieces of equipment will be available:

– 1 flame photometer

– 1 energy dispersive XRF spectromoeter

– 1 microbalance

– 1 plate spectrophotometer

– 1 benchtop centrifuge

Equipment Sign-Out