Researcher Profile: Dr. Philip Marsh

Dr. Philip Marsh’s recent work focusses on the impact of a changing climate on the increase of shrubs across the tundra, and the resulting impact of this on snow, soil moisture, permafrost and runoff. He collaborates with a number of colleagues on research in the Taiga Plains region of the NWT.

Dr. Marsh also has been working in the Mackenzie Delta where his research has focussed on understanding the hydrology of this unique northern ecosystem where he have worked closely with Dr. Lance Lesack at Simon Fraser University. This collaborative research program has considered the hydrology of the approximately 50,000 lakes in the delta, and understanding the flooding of these lakes due to Mackenzie River discharge and ice jams, storm surges and changing sea level of the Beaufort Sea, and changes in local climate.

Dr. Marsh is a Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, holds the Canada Research Chair in Cold Regions Water Science and a membr in the Cold Regions Research Centre.

View Dr. Marsh’s Publications

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